About the TOD Programme

The immensely popular Thought Of The Day (TOD) programme by Vijay Eswaran is, in essence, a simple yet effective communication tool that provokes thought, inner-reflection and self-evaluation. A select few have enjoyed the privilege of being part of an inner circle that receives a daily thought from Vijay Eswaran by means of SMS messages. This thought encourages each individual to respond to it, and use it to reflect on daily life. Sometimes an intense discussion develops between the recipient and the author himself; a process that helps the recipient to apply the learning process to make certain changes in one’s life.

The principle on which the programme has been built is that a single thought can travel around the world by the end of the day. The inner circle that receives each TOD forwards it to others, who in turn send it to many more people. Hence the circle of influence is widened as the day progresses. The Thought of the Day programme is very unique, as no similar programme exists elsewhere in the world that touches so many lives in so many different countries, every single day.

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