July 7, 2015
" The best challenges in life are easy to learn but difficult to master. "
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The Thought of the Day (TOD) program is an attempt by Vijay Eswaran to reach out to those who seek his advice and guidance on a multitude of subjects, both personal and professional. Typically, as Vijay comes across an interesting quote or a turn of phrase that catches his attention or his own simple observations from life around him, he likes to share it with a close, inner circle and ask them for their response or comment on it. That was the origin of the TOD Program.

Over time, this moved from a simple text message to various social media channels as the demand for the TODs increased. A single thought can travel around the world by the end of the day. The inner circle that receives each Thought of the Day (ToD) shares it with their circle of influence and this in turn is widened as the day progresses. Each thought elicits many different interpretations and responses, resulting in a lively discussion between the recipients and the sender.

The ToD Program is very unique. No similar programme exists elsewhere in the world that touches so many lives in so many different countries, every single day.

Due to a continuously increasing sphere of influence and because of its overwhelming popularity, the ToD Programme is now available to all interested individuals for the very first time.

If you would like to receive the TOD in your email, you can now subscribe to the TOD program by adding your email address in the form here. You will receive an email asking for your confirmation to be included into the subscription of the TOD Program. (Make sure to check your Junk Mail/Spam folder). Once you confirm, you will be automatically added to the list that receives the TODs, approximately 10 times a month.

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