What is the Thought of The Day?
The Thought of the Day is a collection of thoughts and reflections that have translated into a series of quotations which will inspire its readers to adopt a more positive attitude in dealing with day-to-day challenges.

How will it help me?
TODs will allow readers a chance to reflect on the important lessons that life brings, and encourage them to understand a situation from various perspectives before making a decision or responding to something.

Who writes these thoughts?
Some of the thoughts are written by Mr.Vijay Eswaran himself. Others are quotes by prominent thinkers, authors and other personalities. Some are phrases from books or verses from poems.

Who receives the TODs?
Mr Eswaran sends TODs to his friends, family, business associates and acquaintances, who in turn send it out further to more people and thus a single TOD can go through as many as 20 circles of influence.  This circle of influence is currently estimated to be more than 1000 and is growing each day.

What should my response be?
Read, ponder, add your own meanings and interpretations and send them out to as many people as you can. Increase the circle. The purpose is to build interaction. Mr Eswaran encourages everyone to send their responses to him directly and thereby construct a dialogue, which could lead to newer ideas that can be propagated.

Are the TODs available in a book format?
Yes, the TODs are compiled and published into a book titled In The Thinking Zone.
To purchase copies of the book, kindly email us at agnes.kong@qigroup.com